These provisions for telehealth treatment by VirtualVets, a service of the Independent Veterinary Network LLC, provide an accessible method for pet owners to seek advice and consultation from licensed Doctors of Veterinary Medicine. We offer this service based on principles that comply with and incorporate the traditional Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) of providing quality medical care in animal health. We believe the advancements and continued development of veterinary medicine and communications technology offer opportunities for improving the delivery and accessibility of veterinary care.

Our commitment to quality animal health care is applicable to active, licensed veterinarians, who practice veterinary medicine in accordance with the provisions of their licensure and who use telehealth technologies within the confines of their respective regulatory policies to counsel, advise and if appropriate, diagnose and prescribe medical treatments for the patient whose owner agrees to accept such advice and services.

A provider must be licensed to practice veterinary medicine in order to evaluate or treat patients utilizing telehealth technologies which may be generated from observation or other information provided from electronic animal health systems, client-provided inputs and generally accepted veterinary practices.

Our telehealth guidelines are fully compliant with existing state statutes and rules. Telehealth is a mode of delivery. It is the expectation of the IVN that providers of care, whether electronically or through other telehealth-related activities, maintain the highest degree of professionalism. The telehealth guidelines do not:

  • Set a different standard of care;
  • Alter generally accepted standards of practice;
  • Change the scope of practice of any licensed veterinarians;
  • Permit the delivery of services in a setting, or in a manner not otherwise authorized by law

Telehealth guidelines set forth expectations for the mode of healthcare delivery. However, these guidelines do not differ from those that guide licensed veterinarians in their in-person interactions. Veterinarians connecting via VirtualVets’ telehealth platform must:

  • Place the welfare of patients first;
  • Maintain generally accepted standards of practice;
  • Maintain medical records with regard to the Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) and telehealth visits;
  • Adhere to recognized ethical codes governing the profession;
  • Accept responsibility for the supervision of technicians and staff;
  • Protect client/patient confidentiality.

These Terms of Telehealth Treatment are provided by VirtualVets, a service of the Independent Veterinary Network LLC, and clients agree to comply with these provisions and acknowledge their disclosure. Questions or comments should be addressed to