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Choosing a pet healthcare provider is an important, personal decision for every pet owner. We hope these FAQs help you better understand VirtualVetsSM – how it works, why it started and how it can provide you and your pet with convenient, compassionate care.

Common Questions & Answers

We’re a group of highly-experienced veterinarians who provide immediate, remote, expert healthcare for pets around the clock, through either a phone call, video – or both. Tele-medicine is widely used for people because it’s efficient, affordable and offers patients a broad network of experts. The approach is growing in veterinary medicine as well. Clients appreciate the stress-free, convenient approach to healthcare.

First, you register your pet with VirtualVets, creating a file with important details about your pet and their health history. When you need a vet – at any time – you simply call or initiate a video chat through our easy-to-use dashboard. Your virtual vet can discuss your pet’s health history or symptoms, field questions or prescribe supplements or medication. If in-office tests are needed, we can refer you to an expert vet in our network.

All of our virtual veterinarians are experienced, board-certified doctors of veterinary medicine. They have successful office practices – and enjoy being part of an innovative service that offers expert, 24/7 care to pets. Meet our VirtualVets team here.

VirtualVetsSM is in-network with the Independent Veterinary Network, which has locations to serve our clients if a referral is needed.

VirtualVetsSM sends tests directly to pet owners with complete instructions on how to collect samples, and has the ability to provide follow up consultations and deworming products specifically dosed for your pet.

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